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Department of Computer Technology

The diploma in Computer Technology is offered to who wish to obtain expertise in computer science field. The department has well qualified faculty. The department has well equipped computer Centers with modern multimedia hardware, Network installation & testing instruments and advanced software to satisfy the need of MSBTE Curriculum.


To produce competent Computer Engineers for development of the society.


• To impart excellent technical knowledge through modern infrastructure and laboratories.
• To promote innovative thinking in the minds of budding engineers.
• To develop the students competent to face the challenges incorporating technical and entrepreneurship skills.
• To inculcate moral and ethical values.


PEO1: Provide socially responsible, environment friendly solutions to Computer engineering related broad-based problems adapting professional ethics.
PEO2: Adapt state-of-the-art computer engineering broad-based technologies to work in multi-disciplinary work environments.
PEO3: Solve broad-based problems individually and as a team member communicating effectively in the world of work.


PSO1: Computer Software and Hardware Usage: Use state-of-the-art technologies for operation and application of computer software and hardware.
PSO2: Computer Engineering Maintenance: Maintain computer engineering realted software and hardware systems.
PSO3: Computer Technology Processes: Manage Computer Technology processes by selecting and scheduling relevant equipment, substrates, quality control techniques, and operational parameters.


PO1: Basic knowledge: Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, ciences and basic engineering to solve the broad-based Computer Technology problems.
PO2: Discipline knowledge: Apply Computer Technology knowledge to solve broad-based Computer Technology related problems.
PO3: Experiments and practice: Plan to perform experiments and practices to use the results to solve broad-based Computer Technology problems.
PO4: Engineering tools: Apply relevant Mechanical technologies and tools with an understanding of the limitations.
PO5: The engineer and society: Assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to practice in field of Computer Technology.
PO6: Environment and sustainability: Apply Computer Technology solutions also for sustainable development practices in societal and environmental contexts.
PO7: Ethics: Apply ethical principles for commitment to professional ethics, responsibilities and norms of the practice also in the field of Computer Technology.

Faculty Profile

Mr. S.P.Lambhade
Head Of Dept

Qualification :BE,ME(Soft. Sys.)
Teaching Experience : 31 Years
Contact No : 9423433588
Email-Id :
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Mr. V.B.Khobragade

Qualification :BE
Teaching Experience : 11 Years
Contact No : 9766953403
Email-Id :
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Dr. K.L.Bawankule

Qualification : BE,Mtech, PhD
Teaching Experience : 11 Years
Contact No : 9673754121
Email-Id :
Detail Bio Data : Bio Data

Mr. P.B.Lahoti

Qualification :Mtech ,PhD(Pursuing)
Teaching Experience : 11 years
Contact No :9403738895
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Dr. U. B. Aher

Qualification : MTech,PhD
Teaching Experience: 18 Years
Contact No : 7020396702
Detail Bio Data : Bio Data

Mr. A.A Bajpayee

Qualification : BE,Mtech
Teaching Experience : 10 Years
Contact No : 7276405509
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Supporting Staff

Mr.V H.Dhote

Qualification : ITI (Fitter)
Experience : 22 Years
Contact No : 9403416815
Email-Id :

Mr.M. S. Dabhale

Qualification : SSC
Experience : 10 Years
Contact No : 7507122671

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