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Department of Mechanical Engineering

About Department

Establishment in 1990, this department has experienced faculty and well equipped Laboratories with investment totaling around 1.1 crores. The department has delivered consistently good result in board examination with regular campus placement in well-known industries. Good liaison with industries is maintained to provide adequate industry exposure to students through industrial visit and expert talks. Extracurricular activities and involvement in sports is emphasized to develop all round personality of the students. Faculty from the department is actively involved in technical consultancy services.


To be a centre of excellence developing technically competent and ethically sound mechanical technicians in line with the needs of industry.


1. Provide strong foundation in mechanical engineering domain knowledge, tools and practices.
2. Provide sound ICT enabled infrastructure,laboratories and a conducive learning environment.
3. Inculcate social and ethical values and develop awareness about environmental and societal issues.
4. Provide opportunities to nurture interpersonal, enterpreneurial and leadership skills.



PEO1: Provide socially responsible, environment friendly solutions to Mechanical engineering related broad-based problems adapting professional ethics.
PEO2: Adapt state-of-the-art Mechanical engineering broad-based technologies to work in multi-disciplinary work environments.
PEO3: Solve broad-based problems individually and as a team member communicating effectively in the world of work.
PSO1: Modern Software Usage: Use latest Mechanical engineering related softwares for simple design, drafting, manufacturing, maintenance and documentation of mechanical engineering components and processes.
PSO2: Equipment and Instruments: Maintain equipment and instruments related to Mechanical Engineering.
PSO3: Mechanical Engineering Processes: Manage Mechanical engineering processes by selecting and scheduling relevant equipment, substrates, quality control techniques, and operational parameters.


PO1: Basic knowledge: Apply knowledge of basic mathematics, ciences and basic engineering to solve the broad-based Mechanical engineering problems.
PO2: Discipline knowledge: Apply Mechanical engineering knowledge to solve broad-based mechanical engineering related problems.
PO3: Experiments and practice: Plan to perform experiments and practices to use the results to solve broad-based Mechanical Engineering problems.
PO4: Engineering tools: Apply relevant Mechanical technologies and tools with an understanding of the limitations.
PO5: The engineer and society: Assess societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and the consequent responsibilities relevant to practice in field of Mechanical engineering.
PO6: Environment and sustainability: Apply Mechanical engineering solutions also for sustainable development practices in societal and environmental contexts.
PO7: Ethics: Apply ethical principles for commitment to professional ethics, responsibilities and norms of the practice also in the field of Mechanical engineering.
PO8: Individual and team work: Function effectively as a leader and team member in diverse/ multidisciplinary teams.
PO9: Communication: Communicate effectively in oral and written form.
PO10:Life-long learning: Engage in independent and life-long earning activities in the context of technological changes also in the Mechanical engineering and allied industry.

About Laboratory

1. Metrology and Quality Control Lab , Room No. 114
2. Measurement and Control Lab, Room No. 115
3. Computer Lab , Room No. 14
4. Power Lab
5. Fluid and Hydraulic Lab
6. Refrigeration and Air conditioning Lab, Room No. 42
7. Theory of Machine Lab
8. Automobile Lab, Room No.

Faculty Profile

Sr. No Name Designation Qualification Experience Mobile No Email Id Photo
1 Mr. A.A.Jagdale Head of Department BE, ME 20 years Teaching 9422819911
2 Mr. B.S.Vaikunte Lecturer BE,MTech 28 Years Teaching 9423113387
3 Mr. R.S.Khobragade Lecturer BE 23 Years Teaching 9423620517
4 Mr. N. S. Pawar Lecturer BE, M.Tech, MBA, DBM,PhD Pursuing 25 Years Teaching 9404343235
5 Mr. R. P.BADOLE Lecturer BE.MTech 13 Years Teaching 9075558461
6 Mrs. N.D.Rokade Lecturer BE 7 Years Teaching 9637564862
7 Mr. C.Y.Shende Lecturer BE 1 Year Teaching 8983525219

Supporting Staff

Sr. No Name Designation Qualification Mobile No Photo
1 Mr.V.A.Meshram Instructor(TLA) Diploma in Electronics 7410706364
2 Mr. R.B.Badwaik Machine attendaint SSC 9633446203


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Extra-Curricular Activites

Sr. No Extra-Curricular Activites Academic Year
1 State level Paper presentation at G.P.Washim 2018-19
2 State level Paper presentation at G.P.Bramhapuri 2018-19

Expert Lectures and Industrial Visit Details

Expert Lectures Industrial Visits
2018-19 2018-19


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IRG and Consultancy

Sr. No. Particulars Financial Years Associated Faculties Revenue Generated
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